Rotting Repugnancy Debut Album Sevared Records (Death Metal)


New Metal Member
Oct 12, 2012
With so much brutal and overly technical death metal we at Rotting Repugnancy are trying to bring the groove aggression back to death metal like the good old days.

Taking influences from European bands such as Insision and Blood Red Throne Grave and Decapitated to the American legends such As Malevolent Creation, Deicide and Dying Fetus among others.

With a combination of brutality, memorable riffs, guttural vocals and blast beats we are ready to unleash our blend of European and American death metal with our debut album "Divine Heresy" via Sevared Records On Friday 19th October 2012

Several songs are up for your listing pleasure check us out and get ready for 19/10/2012 for the debut.