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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
Phoenix-based thrash metal veterans SACRED REICH have announced the return of drummer Dave McClain. McClain was a member of SACRED REICH from 1991 to 1995. He played on the "A Question" EP (1991) and the "Independent" (1993) and "Heal" (1996) albums before leaving to join MACHINE HEAD. SACRED REICH bassist/vocalist Phil Rind comments: "It is with great pleasure that we announce that Dave McClain is once again a member of SACRED REICH! This was the best-case scenario that we could have hoped for. Dave is the best! A great drummer and a great person and we are beyond excited to welcome him back to the band. We're headed into the studio in February and can't wait for you all to hear our new record due in the summer of 2019!” Dave says: "I'm so excited about rejoining my brothers in SACRED REICH. To have the opportunity to make and play music with one of my favorite metal bands was always something I hoped could happen. I can't wait for everyone to hear the new album that we're recording in February and to come see us out on the road in 2019-2020." McClain left MACHINE HEAD last month after completing the band's "Freaks & Zeroes Tour". Earlier this year, SACRED REICH recruited drummer Tim Radziwill as the temporary replacement for Greg Hall. Hall announced his departure from SACRED REICH in January, explaining in a statement that he was fired "rather abruptly and by phone." Formed in 1986, SACRED REICH is part of the second wave of thrash, along with TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL, DESTRUCTION and DARK ANGEL. Over the years, SACRED REICH has produced a catalog of politically charged aggressive songs that have stood the test of time. SACRED REICH's last studio album, "Heal", came out in 1996. The band broke up in 2000 and remained inactive until 2006 when they received offers to play European festivals. Since coming out of retirement more than a decade ago, SACRED REICH has almost exclusively played the European festival circuit every summer. But that changed last year as SACRED REICH celebrated the 30th anniversary of its classic album "Ignorance". To commemorate this milestone, the band brought its "30 Years Of Ignorance" tour around the world. Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

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