Selling Hell Demo Cd and other rarities

I've noticed Ben and Ol getting rid of a lot of their stuff. Saddens me.

But yeah, as Matt says sometimes you just don't have room for all your shit I guess. I've just had to sell my loyal Jackson RR3 (to the frontman for Quake, so at least it'll get used well) and I've got a large majority of my old band shirts up for sale on Facebook *hint*hint* with more to be sold later. I just don't have space for all this crap... and I'm poor.

Fuck selling any of my games, CDs or recording equipment though.
Sorry to hijack your thread, i'm considering doing this very same thing soon, might be putting on ebay lots of old stage/album worn shirts, stage used guitar string sets from megadeth tour, rare evile vinyl etc..... i MIGHT. im not sure yet, you forum guys and gals (are there even any gals here?) would be the first to know as always....

Sometimes you just have to get rid of stuff when you just don't have space for it all.

That would be cool Matt. I'd probably be (seriously) interested, especially in the shirts ;) and vinyl!

Like Keenan said Siobhan seems to have gone AWOL ... shame really as I think she was the only (active) female member! ...and fellow vinyl collector
Yeah, I have her on facebook and I though I don't spend much time on there I get the impression she's a busy gal!

I did indeed make a thread along those lines Dr Dave. It can be found here! :zombie:
Siobhan's a lovely lass though, gotta love that woman. Need to go out drinking furiously again at some point, it's been bloody years :lol:

I'm probably going to have to sell some of my beloved Evile stuff before too long, minus a few very sentimental items :(