Seraphiel - Euphory Amplified EP 2011 || EPIC Superpowermetal from Finland ||

Pekka Posio

Dec 28, 2010
Helsinki, Finland

Hello there Sneapsters!

Today my main project ended up it's first enormous battle; We started recording this EP in spring 2010, and during the process we had to find a new singer, and learn how mix and produce music :loco: There is over 100 audiotracks in all of the songs and a real string section in track 2. We also had many different singers doing the backing vocals and Teemu Mäntysaari from Wintersun played the guitar solo in track 2.

Thy might want to go and prove this historical event with your own ears:

Our website:

Sorry for this shameless selfpromotion, this whole case has been pretty big thing for me almost two years now. I just have to thank this forum for giving great help in the whole process. I'm not yet a professional mixing engineer, but I hope it didn't come out too bad :lol: Feel free to ask anything or give a comment! We don't take our music too serious, so I hope you will take the finger from your anus before clicking the play button. I guess there is not many power metal lovers in this forum but I think it's worth a try :kickass::kickass:

Here is HQ .wav download links: Amplified EP/1.Blind Seer.wav Amplified EP/2.In Vain.wav Amplified EP/3.Euphory Amplified.wav

Kind Regards,
-Drunken Fin
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