Serberus (Den CO) Tour Dates 2001

The Wanderer

Watcher of the Storm
If you live in the midwest USA then check this out...

To go along with the release of the "Our Dying Grace" EP we are doing a midwest tour in August. the dates are as follows

August 1: Colorado Springs CO (CD release show)
August 2: Denver CO
August 3: Nebraska?
August 4: Wichita KS
August 5: Cleveland OH
August 7: Lansing MI
August 8: Chicago IL
August 10 and 11 Milwaukee Metalfest
August 12: Minneapolis MN
August 14: South Dakota?
August 16: Ft. Collins CO
August 17: Salt Lake City UT
August 18: Utah
August 19: Las Vegas Nevada

we will have venue info etc up on our site soon...check out
if you live in these areas. come check us out. if you like metal you won't be dissapointed. thanks.

we are playing metalfest and have tickets for sale. if you are interested in going to the show, contact me at and we'll get you set up.