Seventh Wonder - NEW ACOUSTIC EP


May 14, 2007
We have a new video to share with you!

During the recording of 'TIARA', the band recorded THREE acoustic tracks as well.
"Tiara's Song" has already been 'released' (by being the Japanese bonus song).

The video below is the new and special rendition for "Victorious", which didn't see the light of day until now!
The other new acoustic song will be released this Friday (21/06)..... including details regarding the digital release of the two NEW acoustic songs!

Stay tuned, and for now enjoy "Victorious":

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The second acoustic song is out now as well:
here's the acoustic version of "Against The Grain", with accompanied video!

Cool to know: Stefan Norgren edited and produced both acoustic videos!
Kudos to you, big guy :)!

The 'Acoustic EP' (with "Victorious" and "Against The Grain") can now be STREAMED and DOWNLOADED through this link:

Enjoy "Against the Grain":

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Great idea! The band is a bit too much on the perfectionism side of things. Ac acoustic EP will show a more authentic side