SLASH's Divorce Update: Guitarist Claims He And PERLA FERRAR Were Never Legally Married


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Sep 30, 2001
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According to TMZ, Slash is trying to get out of sharing his vast wealth with his wife Perla Ferrar by getting a judge to say they were never married. The GUNS N' ROSES guitarist filed for divorce from Ferrar for the second time in four years in December 2014. But he now claims that they were never properly married because Perla's one-month marriage to Carlos Marty in 1993 didn't actually end as divorce documents weren't properly filed. The mistake was uncovered when Slash and Perla applied for dual citizenship for their son Cash. Perla claims the couple then hired a real lawyer in 2009 and a judge finalized her divorce from Carlos, making it retroactive to 1994. For now, it appears that Perla has a legal advantage, because TMZ says there is a law for "putative spouses," which means if people have a reasonable belief they are married, a judge can decide to legally divide their assets. In February 2015 — two months after Slash's second divorce filing from Perla — she told TMZ that the breakup of her marriage was "pretty amicable," adding that she was still talking to Slash regularly. "We have children together," she said. Asked how their assets are going to be divided considering that she and Slash reportedly did not sign a prenuptial agreement when they tied the knot in 2001, Perla responded: "I don't know how any of that's gonna work, but I know he's gonna do the right thing for me and his children, as I would do the right thing to him. Like I said, it's amicable, so there's no bad blood — at least not yet." She continued: "[Slash and I] had a really long, lasting, loving relationship for a long time. We're best friends, we're business partners, and we just wanna do what's best for our kids." In 2010, Slash (whose real name is Saul Hudson) filed for divorce from Perla for the first time, but decided to give their marriage another shot two months later. The following year they renewed their wedding vows. Around the time his second son was born, Slash told The Pulse Of Radio that becoming a family man helped settle him down. "I never actually was one of those guys that said I'm gonna be single forever and never have children," he said. "I just never made plans for it, so when it happened, it was, like, at the perfect time in my life. It's like, if it had happened a second earlier, I couldn't have handled it, 'cause I was too out there. Then when the kids came, it actually sort of secured me, more than anything." Slash reconnected with GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose in 2015 and they kicked off the "Not In This Lifetime" tour earlier this year, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. The reunited trio of Axl, Slash and bassist Duff MacKagan launched the South American leg of the tour last Thursday (October 27) in Lima, Peru.

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