SLEEPY HOLLOW revealed artwork of the upcoming album "Skull 13"


Feb 11, 2011
NEW JERSEY- Reunited Heavy Metal band SLEEPY HOLLOW have issued the following studio report and have revealed the art-work for their forthcoming album "SKULL 13".

"The sessions for drum, guitar and fffvocal tracks have taken place at "No Oulet Studio" in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The engineer's are George Matuch and Eric Fisher. The album is being produced by Steve Stegg and Eric Fisher.

Currently, all drum tracks are complete. Lead and background vocals have been completed. Basic rhythym guitar tracks are completed. We are currently working on recording additional rhythym and lead guitar tracks. Our bassist, Steve Brink, lives out in California so the bass tracks are being recorded there while every thing else is being done here in the east coast. This is modern recording technology at it's very best. LSLEPY

This, to say the very least, has been a very non-traditional recording experience with the guitars being recorded first then drums then vocals then bass and more guitars.

However, the production at this stage is amazing. We should have all of the recording completed in the next 2 weeks and final mix and mastering the following week. This recording is practically mixing itself". More details will be forthcoming......