Soilwork, DT,...

Oct 13, 2003
NL - Gelderland
yesterday i went too the soilwork show @W2

i know some of you hate soilwork and stuff, but i just had to post because it was such a great show, i really had a good time and it was a small hall so you could really interact with the bands

saw Sonic Syndicate...not so bad live, although it just looked like they were playbacking :p i think the bassist one heck of a metalchick :p

Caliban really sucked...

Dark Tranquillity was awesome they where really interactive with the audience that was great

and Soilwork the band i came for was really great just an awesome show :D

not enough i think 3 songs:

they opened with "Bastard Chain"
and played 'needlefeast and bulletbeast"
i think

they played a lot of Stabbing The Drama
and some Natural Born Choas
but we had a great time and the audience was in a great mood
well, I wasn't planning on going tomorrow anyway, after all.. but you just convinced me I'm not missing anything.

No Chainheart Machine :erk: I thought they always played that!
and no new songs either? Their new album is coming out in, what, 10 days?

besides, STD is something I will never forgive them.
the chick from sonic syndicate is hella fuckin bonable yeah. also, i just heard the new soilwork, its honestly fucking terrible, i should've expected that but it was even worse than i expected.
Listening to Sonic Syndicate now. Christ this is...aggressively bad. This is supposed to be "melodic death metal?" I thought this was called emo. Even In Flames is embarrassed to be named in the same sentence as this band.