SOLSIKK To Release Debut Album In May


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Nov 18, 2004
SOLSIKK, the new U.K. "groove metal" band featuring ex-BIOMECHANICAL members will release it's self-titled debut album on May 2 via Femme Metal Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Relish in Nervous Delights
02. Viridescere
03. Keep Pushing Me
04. Freefall
05. Cut a Little Deeper
06. Your Blistering Tongue
07. Needles and Pins
08. Razored Cell
09. Volatile Territory
10. Bloodlust

SOLSIKK was recently covered in Terrorizer, Bitchslap and Ravenheart Music, with many more features to come. A U.K. tour is being organized for June and July, with an appearance at the Femme Metal Festival in May and many more to be confirmed.

With the undeniable weight and groove of Webb's signature sound and Vykki Turner's soaring, rich vocals, it is easy to understand why SOLSIKK is rapidly gaining a well-deserved following.

From the embers of Webb's previous group, BIOMECHANICAL, came a determination and will to create and refine a sound that was both heavy, melodic, layered and accessible. In Turner this began to take shape.

With exceptional delivery ranging from gutteral roar and smooth vibrato through to high screams, Turner is every bit as stunning as her voice suggests, providing the perfect complement and contrast to Webb's dense and furious fret-work.

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Video for the the scond track 'Viridescere' available here:
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