Some good news...


Apr 14, 2001
PERHAPS a bit miffed at the recent attention his mother has been getting, Sylvester Stallone says he'll make another Rambo film, reports

The action star's role as John Rambo was a hit in the 1980s, with three films in six years about the mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran.

Since Stallone's pushing 60, there will probably be less muscle-flexing in Rambo IV - but Sly's psyched nonetheless.

"We're in the kitchen and we're cooking," he said. "I've had meetings about this and it looks good.

"We'll see what we come up with."

:worship: :worship: RAMBO 4! :worship: :worship:
Colonel Trautman will be about 100 though :(
No Colonel Trautman in Rambo IV because Richard Crenna died, unless someone else plays him - and that just won't work, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T REPLACE RICHARD CRENNA.

God, how many times have I heard a Rambo IV rumour? Probably almost as many as a Rocky VI rumour.
There can be no Rambo without Trautman. The only way, and when I say only way, I mean ONLY way this movie should be allowed to be made is if Rambo avenges Trautmans death by destroying a country on his own.
The plot is really starting to come together here.

I can see the bed springs and electrodes already....or is that a flashback ?