Some Laser's Edge/Andromeda spam


Man Behind The Curtain
Dec 26, 2002
Why bother preordering and waiting when you can get hooked up right away? Just arrived in stock is the great new one from Andromeda called "Chimera". It's been getting lots of spins already at Casa Laser's Edge and if you enjoyed their first two I don't think you will be let down.

Also in stock:

Sonata Arctica - For The Sake Of Revenge (DVD(!) and CD set)
Asperity - The Final Demand (stupidly cheap price for excellent power metal band)

Lots of other new additions from around the world...we've been very busy.

Oh yeah....Adagio "Dominate" is on the way!
I'll have to pick up the Andromeda and SA for sure. I've been killing the new Andromeda (I d/l because I couldn't wait for a domestic release) for the passed month or more, and I think it's INCREDIBLE. My favorite cd of the year so far for sure.

Order placed. Thanks for posting you had these in.
Andromeda could very well be the album of the year- they keep getting better and better!!!

The Adagio disc is pretty cool as well; they strayed a bit from the style of the first two, but hey, that's progression.

Grab the one on now as it comes with a bonus DVD!!!!!