Steel Prophet

Mar 21, 2002
It's a sad news for me, but the vocalist of Steel Prophet left the band. Thier new album Unseen is going to be released on 29 July in Europe, and this will be the last album with Rick :(

here's the message from Rick

For those of you who are Steel Prophet fans.

I have officially left the band due to musical differences. I feel like I've been held back as an artist. I'm very proud of what I've done with Steel Prophet, but feel I need more room to grow. I am currently in New Eden. We will be releasing an album called Stagnant Progressions. Were currently searching for a label. I'll keep you posted on any new progressions. I am also cuirrently writing the next Taraxacum album. We should be going into the Studio in the fall of 2002. Stay tuned.

Rick Mythiasin
That's bogus! While he's certainly "out" there, he was a pretty
cool dude judging from the conversations I had with him at PP last year... Bummer......I thought they were a great band..........

yes indeed.. for me Steel Prophet is Rick's song + Steve's songwritings. Rick said that the band is still looking for the new singer... hope they will find the great singer enough to replace Rick.

oh well sad but all i can do is wishing the good luck for both of them...
This is not what I wanted to hear. I love the band. They have been around forever and are one of the most underrated bands out there. But I wish Rick and the rest of the band good luck. Still looking forward to Unseen. I've heard a sample song and sounds awsome.
underrated is the right word.. i've also heard Steve's closest family passed away on the previous day that Rick announced this matter. I hope Steve can get through with this hard time and come back to the scene with the new band.