Sunburst- Break the Core (Vasilis is back)


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Sep 16, 2001
We have discussed Vasilis and his unreal Khan-esque vocals previously with his Conception style band, Innosense:

Well, he is back with a heavier band led by a monster guitarist, Gus Drax.

So imagine Khan + Loomis and you get Sunburst (as mentioned by Andy a while back). Note this is on a demo, but you get the idea:

Thanks to Random Axe for the heads up over at PM Rising.
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Yea Sunburst kicks ass! Gus Drax contacted me for airplay and after I heard several demos was right on board. This stuff is awesome.
Sunburst is exactly how I want the new Kamelot to sound! Damn! Please tell me this is all just super secret code, and this IS the new Kamelot singer/single....cuz the bar just got set HIGH!
This was released a few months back. I'm just now getting back to posting on music boards on a semi-regular basis and just found this thread. I had no idea anyone actually paid attention to me on this(or anything else).

This new one is a bit more straightforward but still many shades of awesome. Supposedly 2013 is the year for this release.

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