Swedish Thrash Assault

The thrash metal underground scene in Sweden has become very huge the last few years and I am doing a website dedicated to those bands called swedish thrash assault. The reason why I'm telling you this is because it has a very nice forum where you can discuss anything that has to do with Thrash Metal.
For the moment the swedish part of the forum is alive because this website is pretty big in sweden for the moment.
Now it's time for it to be famous internationally too.
If you want to discuss Thrash Metal I think you shall registrate on this forum and also tell your thrash friends so the english forum can be as alive as the swedish one. If you also are tired of the thrashbands you've heard you can check out the great link archive with a lot of swedish thrash metal bands. I am also doing a TV Show which I upload on youtube. Unfortunatelly this show is in swedish but there is some cool music in it.


Stay thrashed! / Swedish Thrash Assault