System of a Down

I dont think he had been to hollywood, hes from Iowa, but dont quote me on that because he may have lived there.

Well in that case, its a stupid line. Because I dont understand it. :)

Blitz finally pointed out a thread I could post in, where I actually felt comfortable talkin' about this kinda stuff.

System of a Down are definitely a great band, just because they're so unique. I currently prefer their self-titled release, only because I've heard it so much and I think it's a little more diverse musically...

As for other 'nu-metal'...

Deftones - As previouslly said, but I prefer Adrenaline too. It's just so much more classic.

Cold - An alternative to Staind, they're more doomy and the guitars are more effects based giving them a more eerie feel.

Mudvayne - Awesome nu-metal with a great Bassplayer who goes nuts, but believe me, it takes AGES to get into them.

Skinlab - Bay Area band that sounds a lot like a nu-er version of Machine Head. Very good with a meaty vocalist, and some trippy skrape effects on the guitars.

Other bands:

Soulfly, Dry Kill Logic, Ill Nino, Poison the Well, Godsmack, Static-X, Disturbed, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Powerman 5000, [minus], Drowning Pool, Alien Ant Farm, Finger11, Project86, LostProphets, Spineshank, Taproot, AmberVoid, Chimaira, Vision of Disorder, 36 Crazyfists, Erase, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr Bungle, Fantomas,
Originally posted by PIV Bassman
You can't be serious about Adrenaline being the best Deftones album. The production is nowhere near the standard of the next two and the songs are not even close to any of the songs on Around the Fur!

Agreed. However, I prefer Adrenaline because of the amount of songs on there that I like in comparison to Around the Fur...

Take, for example Adrenaline... and the songs I like off it...

* Engine No 9 [Possibly, my favourite 'Tones song of all time]
* Root
* 7 Words
* Nosebleed
* Birthmark
* Bored
* One Weak
* Fireal
* Fist

And then, Around the Fur...
* My Own Summer (Shove It)
* (Far Away) Be Quiet and Drive [My second favourite 'Tones song]
* Rickets
* Lotion
* Headup

And the songs of Adrenaline I like more, however Headup and Far Away are right up there.

That's me anyway... take it or leave it.