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Jun 13, 2004
I am very interested in ordering a t-shirt from your website but I'm too scared to just go and click :) I have some questions before I actually order:
- could you tell me (at least approximately) what size are these t-shirts? I mean, how large is L/XL? I'm about 176cm tall and prefer to wear loose things.
- how much are the shipping costs to Poland?
- how do I pay - with a credit card?

thanks in advance!
Welcome in Wookash !!! :wave:

The nearest persons to answer your questions are OL's Kobi the creator of the ark, Holy Webland the digi builder of the ark and Folklore our loving moderator. You will have a reply from one of them very soon.:worship:

I can only tell you that go ahead and click!!! I have ordered and soon waiting my order to come and i've send money through letter by post mail. :headbang:

Sizes are from S to XXL and it's similar to all t-shirt sizes.
The price is including shipping cost.
For the moment we dont have the credit card option, only cash by registered mail.

Thanks a lot anf welcomr to the forum!
Thanks for the reply but please tell me a bit more about these sizes. I have some XL t-shirts which are too small and some L ones which are too big. And these $20 is quite an amount for me, so I'd like to know exactly which one to get.
So maybe a question for the people who already have these t-shirts: how tall/big are you and what size did you get?
I'd be so very grateful