Thanks for your musical recommendations...


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Apr 29, 2001
dead between the walls
...largely due to words of praise written on this forum, I have discovered the pleasant domains of Ulver and Agalloch...I just downloaded the latter's Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony and was blown away. Will order Pale Folklore and Perdition City this week. I salute the great musical knowledge of this BB. Now read my column, linked below, for further enlightenment...
Oh shit, is that ever typical of my efforts at promoting the column falling on deaf (and usually less sophisticated) ears, thanks...the fucking autosignature feature always screws me up. And they do have an Opeth-like atmosphere, at least on that song I heard...
Because of this thread, I started in on these two bands, and was blown away so far..picking up some albums at theendrecords as we speak! Thanks!
Thanks to this board also for turning me onto Dark Tranquility, Edge of Sanity and The 3rd and the Mortal.
I have just ordered the Crown/deathrace king, and am wondering what I should start on next.
Followers of Ulver: What should I explore next? I've heard two each from Perdition and Kveldsjanger, and wonder should I go with Marriage of Heaven & Hell or Bergtatt. I hold an equal appreciation for the electronic textures of the former and the warm folkloric sound of the latter, but the native tongue vocals remain a distraction. I know to avoid Nattens Madrigal because it is a raw BM album and I hate that sound...
I can't speak for all of Ulver's albums, but Bergtatt is a really good, classic black metal album. Its got your typical black metal sound, but also folky acoustic parts, Garm's cool clean vocals, etc. I'm not much of a black metal fan, but I dig this album. Nattens Madrigal was horrible.
"Bergtatt", "Kveldsjaner", and "Scenes from William Blake's..." are the ones I would immediately recommend... "Perdition City" seems cool, but I'm not familiar enough with it to give review. There have been some advocates of Nattens Madrigal on this forum, but I, like Elisstar, am not one of them. That album, to me, almost displays parody of the poorly produced early black metal records, emphasizing their greatest shortcomings.

I even heard a story that the album was made with the intent of screwing Century Media... that after the commercially promising Kveldsjanger, they switched to that label, went out into the forest, made the record with an old 4-track recorder, and turned it in as their newest record to an angered CM... it was to be their last record with them. Of course, I have literally no idea if there is any element of truth to this story at all, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.