The Best of Bruce Dickinson

Got it yesterday. Forgot it to friend's car, though.
The 1st cd was good, but the 2nd was a bit of a let down. Dunno why, though. But as I haven't listened to it much yet, I think my mind will change.

Oh yeah, and Silver Wings :headbang:s!
That fast double-kick part is awesome!
I agree Eddy, Silver wings is kind of a fast sounding maiden song but the guitar styles, especially the solos, is kind of sounding like the Halford band I think :)

Can somebody please upload jerusalem live to Myplay, dying to hear that one :)
Eddy......I really liked the 2nd CD. ALthough I had most of it already, it's cool to hear stuff likr Midnight jam and Acoustic song. Plus Bruce's going over all the info was cool too. Give it another listen.

Ad..I'm at my parents house now. As soon as I get home I'll put up Jerusalem
I listened to it only briefly, so I haven't gotten really into it yet. But you can guess what I will be listening to this coming week... ;)

Any idea what the geezer says at the end of 'I'm in a band with an Italian drummer?'
That song is hilarious!
It hasn't arrived here yet. Bruce was on the radio here the other day. I'll put the interview up on Maiden Downunder in a day or two.

To tell you the truth im still rather pissed off that they cancelled last years tour here again. Ive lost some interest in my favourite band.
I got it today.
I'm very pleasantly surprised!
It's way much better than I thought it would be.
I bow my head in deepest respect for Bruce Dickinson.
And I absolutely LOVE the new songs!!
And CD 2, thank you Bruce, what a treat!

THE JOKER IS BACK!! :loco: :loco:

Tonight...on Siiiiilveeeer wings
I am soaring through the
mountains of the moon!