The "save" thread... :'(


The fear I feel inside...
Jun 24, 2003
The Netherlands
I hope someone can help... :(

This is the problem...
Last night I wanted to upload some sound samples (I work with Frontpage 2000) on my webpage, but it didn't work...
This morning I called my hosting company about it, and they said they'd check if the Frontpage extentions were working properly as this was likely the problem. Needless to say, it didn't help... I updated another page instead, but when I tried uploading it, Frontpage gave me the following message for EVERY single page, photo etc. in my web:

File ( is available on the server, but it's not on the present web. Do you want to delete it?

I.e. I can't I upload anything or Frontpage deletes it all! Needless to say I cancelled the upload, so the site is still online, but that's about it... Does anyone know what I can do to prevent the webpage from vanishing in front of my eyes?? :cry:

Ouch, this sounds BAD! :ill:

I truly hope someone can give you some real advice - the very best DT-fansite deserves to be saved! :yell:

I'll try asking my IT-engineer friends about this - one of those nerds must know some way to solve this...

Do you not have FTP access to your webspace?

Just download it all and mirror the file structure on your PC, I presume that's how Front Page works...

Oh, and don't use FrontPage in future ;)
Sorry about your situation Gtranquillity, but you really should have a backup of your site anyhow :erk: If not, do as suggested above instantly. Also, i find it funny how people post in the guestbook like if it's the official Dark Tranquillity webpage :lol: mm yeah, i bet they would use .nl first over .com :rolleyes: :p
To both: I did make a backup of my page, however... when I called my host company about it, they said they weren't sure it would work, as certain things (no, unfortunately they couldn't tell me *what* things) should be installed in order to work properly, and it won't install automatically :/
As for the FTP thingy... Ehhh... well, I heard the name before, but I'm afraid that's about it... How does it work??