Therion touring with My Dying Bride??

The Honorary Canadian

ex-IE band member
Jan 30, 2005
The promoter at our show in Edmonton last night said that My Dying Bride was coming there with Therion. MDB is my favorite band ever and I've still never seen them, so I'm pretty much ready to drive to hell and back to go see them. I've looked all over but can't find anywhere to confirm that they are actually on the tour. Does anyone out there know anything about this?
Well, this looks like a decent package tour for sure. It's nice to see things like this going on in the USA/Canada finally. Heck, I guess we could all gripe that we don't like "so and so" or that "so and so" is **explative** whenever we see tours come around but then we must stop and think that we have been underprivileged for so long that all of these things are a good thing for metal if not for us personally.
metalsped said:
When Therion rolls through locally, they will be accompanied by Beyond the Embrace, according to the venues website.
Wow. Beyond the Embrace have the best management on the planet. They open for everyone. I've seen them opening for Symphony X, Iced Earth, Amorphis and at BW & BK. Don't get me wrong, they kick ass live and are real nice guys. It's just surprising, given their popularity, how many packages they get themselves on.