This goes beyond sick.......

aaaah.I've heard about this game in the newspaper?
It's disgusting.

Where did this massacre happen and how many children have been killed in this massacre?I don't remember it.
Columbine High School, in Littleton (just outside of Denver, methinks), Colorado, Spring '99 sometime. 25 Students dead, as I recall, the 3 assailants killed themselves.

I don't think it's worth attention - attention is what they want, anyways.
The only thing that offends me about this entire post is the moral high ground taken by trying to get the game off the net.

If you don't share the (admittedly tasteless) sense of humour, then how about just not going to the site and not downloading the game? It really is that easy...

Lee B
so am i just s'posed to sit around here thinking "hmm, that is sick" and then just do nothing about it?

That pretty much sums up my feelings on it.

you're right, i don't share their sense of humour, but it is NOT right to make jokes about tragedies like school massacers

You've made it clear that you don't think it's right, but what right have you got to impose that view on others that don't agree?

Lee B
I'm with Lee here.
If you don't like it, then do not download it.
Taking the site off the net could have a symbolic value, but it sure wouldn't stop the activities of similar sites. The second you clean one up, a hundred others emerge, ninetynine of which are even more disgusting in content.
Better to spend time trying to prevent another school massacre instead of a silly game.
this is just a message to say i am walking away from this thread and will not read anymore posts or post anymore replys. i can see where this is going and i don't wanna be there. maybe it's because i've not exactly been very happy lately, and as a result i've not been my normal self, that made me react the way i did. i honestly can't say whether or not i would have posted this thread under normal circumstances and i hope i'm never put in a postition to find out. sorry to have offended anyone if indeed i have. just know that i feel no resentment towards any and all of you.

sorry once again
What's wrong with you mate? Nobody blamed you of posting an offensive thread, and there's certainly no need to blame yourself for anything.
I just tried to tell you that such pointless websites feed on your care and concern for the society. The more they feel you recognize their stupid "activities", the more stupid sites they come up with. You already seem to have enough things to worry about in your life, so why add these idiots on your list?

You say you can see where this thread is going, but I feel you see it all wrong. Keep in mind that you have friends here ready to support you in whatever you have to offer. I myself will never allow you to walk away like that, as if we're a silly mob waiting to flame you with the first word out of your mouth.

The pirate I know of wouldn't be so very upset by just one woman, so if there's anything more you want to tell me about, mail me right now at
okay, i was wrong, i am gonna post another message here. :shy: :)

right, first things first, please read my latest thread to you, Iron, and Lee. i have a revelation to share with you! :)

and i think that when i said "where this thread is going" i was thinking more where i'd end up taking it. i''ll send you an e-mail explaining stuff, and then you might see why i was thinking this thread would go there. i realise that it wouldn't, though, i was just too preocupied to remember the great friends i have here. :(

anyway, enough insane bletherings that don't make any sense to me as i write them! i've not really been myself in this thread.....