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Aug 23, 2008
THRASH & BURN "An Irish tribute to Thrash"


Sorry everyone about the long delay with this release, but finally after nearly 2 years wait the project is at the pressing plant and is schedualed to be released on Saturday the 6th of September, for the moment you can pre-order a copy from the website and have it delivered to your door before the release date (the price is inc p+p worldwide), or you can wait till the 5th and pick up a copy in Sentinel, Dublin. It will be available in the UK/Ire through Code7 PHD from October onwards.

Bellow is a small press release, again sorry about the delay, it was out of my hands, and thank F**k the wait is over........

THRASH & BURN "An Irish tribute to Thrash"

Thrash & Burn will be Ireland’s first tribute to Thrash, it will be a limited edition Digi “Thrash” Pack and will also be released on vinyl (well all the original recordings we’re originally on vinyl, so why not the tribute album). It feature a wide variety from the Thrash and crossover years to tantalize and take the listener on a trap down Thrash memory lane, with covers from DRI to Venom and Vio-Lence to Celtic Frost done by some of Ireland’s finest like Mass Extinction, Era Vulgaris, Warpath, Sol Axis, De Novisimus, Sorrowfall and many more who not only paid a fantastic tribute to the old Thrash era but also paid their respects to those who have influenced the scene and sadly have passed on and are not here to see a new thriving Thrash scene today.

Mass Extinction "Kill on Command" by Vio-Lence
Sol Axis "Raise the dead" by Bathory
Era Vulgaris "Five Magiks" by Megadeth
Reign of Fire "Beneath the remains" by Sepultura
Warpath "Piece by Piece" by Slayer
Manifest "Seemingly endless time" By Death Angel
Nuclear Reign "Into the Pitt" by Testament
Only Fumes and Corpses "I don't need society" By D.R.I.
Sorrowfall "Fade to black" by Metallica
Acrid Nebula "The Usurper" by Celtic Frost
De Novisimus "Hang the Pope" by Nuclear Assault
Christorgy "Satans Trampoline" By Lawnmower Deth
Viocosis "The American Way" by Sacred Reich
Raging Conflict "People of the lie" by Kreator
Darkest Era "Countess Bathory" By Venom

Price 11.99 euro (inc p+p worldwide) Pre-orders will go out before the relase date

Ian Lawless
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