Tool at number One in the US (non Opeth)


May 8, 2001
Tool sold over 555,000 copies of Lateralus to debut at number one on the Billboard Top 200. They beat out REM and Missy Elliott among others.

Now if people would keep comparing Tool and Opeth, maybe our boys from Stockholm would sell a few hundred thousand albums.

Megadeth sold 61,000 and came in at #16.
Exactly. Megadeth had their day in the sun, but been gone for a long time... Countdown to Extinction is a great album, but that was about the last one that offered me any form of entertainment...

There's lots of other cool shit to listen to out there. Hence, look at the forum we're all posting in.

[color=sky blue]I enjoyed them right around Peace Sells. I saw them once live and they seemed pretty mechanical about it, but...LOL, hey!! Wait a minute. That opinion comes from way back when I didn't really appreciate music for the same reasons I do now. I called them mechanical then. I was referring to the way the just stood there and played. Oh my! That's weird. I realize sometimes how I thought of something years before, and then see how narrow-minded that opinion was. I do that every now and then. "Every now and then, I wipe the dust aside, to remember!"[/color]

\m/ :D \m/

Now if we could somehow get OPETH on the upcoming Tool/King Crimson show... GODDAMN!!!

I was lucky enough to have seen the Atlanta show that Tool played (1st date of the tour), and met Tool afterwards (sans maynard).

Kinda cool, because I saw Opeth about a week before that opening for Nevermore.

God Opeth were incredible.
I never thought of Megadeth as being a very heavy band. As far as thrash goes, Megadeth have always been light. Compared to Celtic Frost or Slayer, even Megadeth's most extreme material sounds too accessible and light.