Touched by the Crimson King


Jun 25, 2005
Grand Haven, MI
Just picked up the new Demons and Wizards and am still in the process of listening to it. Thus far it is pretty decent. Nothing spectacular yet. One thing that suprised me is the cover of "Immagrant Song". Anyone pick this one up yet? Waddya think?
ah i got it this morning along with the best of megadeth, it kick ass! honestly i like iced earth and blind guardian more, but its still a very decent project. i always though its be cool to see iced earth, blind guardian tour together and then at the end demons and wizards! :headbang:
I'm waiting for my copy. Is a decent album but not as fresh as the debut, I think the Zep cover was unnecesary.

I'll need to spin it more before emit more judgement.
Ordered my copy the other day... probably won't get it for a couple of weeks.