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Mar 26, 2003
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abysmal "the pillorian age"
aeternus "shadows of old"
apophis "heliopolis"
cannibal corpse "eaten back to live" (death records) (good offer)
carcass "reek of putrefaction"
castle "castle" (dutch doom/death)
coercion "delete"
control denied "the fragile.."
covenant "nexus polaris"
crisis "the hollowing"
crowbar "odd's fellow rest"
cryptopsy "blasphemy made flesh"
cryptopsy "none so vile"
cryptopsy "whisper supremacy"
damnable "completely devoted"
dark angel "darkness descends"
defiled "erupted wrath"
deicide "deicide"
deicide "legion"
deicide "once upon the cross"
down "ii"
earth corpse "born bleeding"
earth corpse "taste of sin"
entombed "left hand path"
entombed "clandestine"
gardens of gehenna "dead body music"
gardens of gehenna "mortem saluta"
grave "into the grave" (first pressing + autographed) (good offer)
iniquity "the hidden lore"
ipoh metal militant compilation
jethro tull "rock islands"
levellers "hello.."
malevolent creation "retribution"
moon "satan's wept"
moon "daemon heart"
morbid angel "abominations of desolation"
morbid angel "altar of madness"
morbid angel "blessed are the sick
morbid angel "covenant"
morbid angel "domination"
morbid angel "formula fatal to the flesh"
morbid angel "gateway to annihilation"
morbid angel "heretic"
necrotic chaos "regime grotesque"
night conquers day "the first snowfall"
nile "in the beginning"
nile "amongst the catacombs.."
nile "black seed of vengence"
nile "in their darkened.."
nomicon/sarnath split
obituary "left to rot"
obituary "cause of death"
obituary "the end complete"
october tide "the grey dawn"
opeth "orchid"
opeth "morningrise"
opeth "my arms, your hearse"
opeth "still life"
opeth "blackwater park
opeth "deliverance"
paradise lost "gothic"
pessimist "cult of the initiated"
pessimist "blood for the gods"
pessimist "slaughtering the faithful"
pilgrims "da capo"
possessed "seven churches"
possessed "beyond the gates/eyes of horror"
sculptured "the psear of lily.."
soul asylum "candy from stranger"
sodom "code red" (double cds version)
sodom "m-16"
solefald "neonism"
spiritual beggars "mantra iii"
the exploited "horror epics"
the exploited "lets start a war..."
the exploited "the massacre"
the oppressed "music for hooligans"
testament "low"
testament "demonic"
terrorizer "world downfall"
toploader "onka's.."
tormentor "recipe ferrum"
vociferation eternity "ocean myth"
vociferation eternity "meadow's yearn"
vulpecula "fons immortalis"

carcass "reek of putrefaction" (gory cover)
cathedral "grim luxuria" promo
cathedral "ride" promo
cathedral "mignight mountain" promo
cathedral "endtyme" (toy's factory japanese pressing)
c.s.s.o "nagro lauxes viii"
death "spiritual healing"
gorguts "considered dead"
gorguts "from erosion.."
immolation "stepping on angels..before dawn"
incantation "upon the trhine of apocalypse"
incantation "tribute to the goat"
morbid angel "entangled in chaos"
slayer "show no mercy"
witchfinder general "death penalty"
witchfinder general "friends of hell"

and prob'ly some kreator, sodom, my dying bride stuffs too