two-bit whores

hahahaha, love that, out of the blue! Great job, luke. A person's opinion on prostitution will go back to his respect for the act of sexual intercourse. If you believe that sexual intercourse is something reserved for those truly in love, prostitution is a great offense and a huge perversion of something otherwise wonderful. If you believe that sexual intercourse is something that is temporarily enjoyable, and partaken of whenever two people desire each other, whether out of love or lust, then prostitution is none other than a business, as any other business is. They all try to sell one form of happiness or another.
...but don't you think that just because they have sex, it doesn't neccessarily entail that two people desire each other. I think there are a few different reasons for someone to prostitute themselves, and desire defintely doesn't rank.

Funny that you answer from the perspective of a 'john' though..
I'd only use 'em if, say, I was 45 and never been in a serious relationship :bah:

Don't have anything against hookers though, nor the people who use 'em, it's just that, as someone above said,IMO if sex isn't with someone who you want to spend some time with, what's the point.
Have any of you visited Amsterdam´s - Red Light District! I recently visited Amsterdam and it´s the attraction of the city, believe me there are very good looking girls out there! And believe me it was hard to stay out!:D

Okay, you got me, luke. Prostitution doesn't apply in the "two people desiring each other" instance. I suppose I should broaden it, and so I will make a third instance. I listed the other two already, above. The thrid case is if you believe sexual intercourse is on par with any other thing, and has no special traits, except the procreation side effect. It can be given, it can be sold, it can be shared. And just as any other item a person possesses that another may want, it can be stolen, (rape). in this sense, it exists only for a form of happiness, and in the case of prostitution, two forms of happiness, one being the orgasm and the other being the money. In my opinion, this is sad. I hope to never be reduced to that.
No matter what we do, we'll never get rid of prostitution, because, think about it. You have it, you sell it, you still have it. Sell it again, you still have it. Sell it again, you still have it. That's why it's such a lucrative business.

p.s. Tribal, I've never heard of Mr. Tinkles, the red-headed stepchild referred to as a "pocket rocket" before. Cheers to you!
Agh, I'm having a little mental block here... Who was it that said something along the lines of "All women are prostitutes."?
I always thought Henri Richard was the one and only "Pocket Rocket"... although, they probably also call Valeri Bure that.

Anyways, I've heard some first-hand accounts from some travellers passing through europe that Amsterdam was mighty interesting. And apparently, good quality for quite cheap.

Seriously, though, in the abstract, my take on prostitution is the same as anything else - I'm pro-choice. You don't like prostitution? FINE. Don't use it, stay out of other people's affairs. Of course, in the concrete (as opposed to abstract) there are issues with drugs, violence, disease... it's often an unfortunate and inescapable trap for those involved. I think Amsterdam's policy is probably an effective way of dealing with the issue. (I base this on no real facts, I just think it'd probably work)
I'm sure several people have said similar things, but I've seen it said by the guy who runs in the past.

In reality, I think just about everyone is a prostute... sorta. I mean, for enough money, I could be convinced to do a lot of things.

Besides... being a prostitute... you get lots of sex and money... I can see how people might like that lifestyle. (Of course, nobody says the people you'd have to have sex with would be very appealing...)
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