Ultimate Metal welcomes Revoltons!


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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
UltimateMetal.com would like to welcome Revoltons to the expanding family!

I had only heard of these guys in passing before they contacted us for a forum, so of course like I always do I checked out their MySpace to get a taste of what these guys are all about.

I must say I was impressed! Pretty kick ass Italian Power Metal/Heavy Metal hybrid. Cool hooks, melodic, nice solos - just quality all around.

Give the guys a listen - I'm sure they'll win over quite a few new fans from here!


Welcome guys! :headbang:
Wow, a whole two posts, Ale!!!!! Well, now three.

You need to start whoring your band more around these parts. Be careful, though. There are lots of internet tough guys here...put on yer thick skin.

I'll mod it for you if you want, but right now it looks like you don't need it :lol:.
Hello Alex!! Nice to see you guys on here!! Drop me a line and let me know what you need me to do. How are the dates for the USA coming along?

Just listening to your Album Night Visions for the first time. Musically I would say this is great stuff, definitely worth checking out more bu somehow i don't like the vocals too much. They are a bit too high pitched for my taste, esp. in the first song "Cell of Death" but already in the second song i got used to it.

I like the changes from aggressive to slower parts and the very intelligent and proggish use of your instruments. Looking forward to hearing more.