would like to welcome Woods of Ypres!

Reign in Acai - Kick ass! Hey David, Do you have any shirts for sale?
Yeah man!

Guys T-Shirts

& Girlie-Ts

Just like the timeless standard, black "Logo-Only" WoY shirts we've always done, but these ones are "winter white" with a black Woods logo on heavyweight cotton. White works for black metal in the winter. Check out the promo photos from the last ENSLAVED album:


That's what sold me on it. So here goes...

This is the first time white Woods shirts have ever been made, and there was only a small quantity of each (25 mens, 25 girlies). There's only a few left...

Men's T-Shirts = M, L, XL
"Girlie" Shirts = M, L

$20 (CND funds) to Canada*
$15 (USA funds) to the USA*
$17 (USA funds) to the World*

*Flat rate! Shipping included.

Payment Accepted:
Well Hidden Cash, Cheques, Money Orders, sent to:

Krankenhaus Records
c/o David Gold
178 Front St. East, #202
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 1E6


Paypal Payment sent to:
Please specify your size.


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Guys T-Shirts:
Girly-Ts (black on white or white on black):


David - \w/