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Steel Warrior

Servant Of Satan
Apr 18, 2002
Puerto Rico
If interested in buying, ask for price as most of these cd's will go for cheap. Payment prefered by Paypal but other methods accepted.

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Abramelin Abramelin-Transgresion Of Acheron/Shock Recs/1996 (2CD set, death metal from Australia)
Accept Death Accept Death/Retribute Recs/2006(doom/Sludge from USA)
Aerosmith Done With Mirrors/Geffen/1985
All That I Bleed Dying To Remember/Silverstone/2002(Prog metal)
Amaymon/Purulance split cd/Adipocere/1993 (death metal from Canada and France)
Anacrusis Manic Impressions/Metal Blade/1991
Anacrusis Screams and Whispers/Metal Blade/1993
#Angel Dust Into The Dark Past/Scratch/1986 (recent boot pressing)
Angel Dust Border of Reality/Century Media/1998
Angel Dust Bleed/Century Media/1999
Angel Dust Enlighten the Darkness/Century Media/2000 (eastern european pressing)
Angel Dust Of Human Bondage/Century Media/2002
#Anthem Tightrope/King Recs/1986 (on HOLD, Mikhail)
#Anthem Gypsy Ways/King Recs/1988 (on HOLD, Mikhail)
#Anthem No Smoke Without A Fire/King Recs/1990 (on HOLD, Mikhail)
Archie Bunker Lucky 13/Brainticket/1997(doom/sludge)
#Arcturus Aspera Hiems Simfonia-Constellation-My Angel/Candlelight-Irond/2002 (on HOLD, Daisuke)
Arteria Fly On The Light/CD-Maximum/2005(moder Heavy metal from Russia)
Assedium Rise of the Warlords/My Graveyard Prods/2006
Ayreon Ayreonauts Only/Transmission/2000

Banished Deliver Me Unto Pain/Deaf Recs/1994
#Barren Cross Atomic Arena/Restless/1987 (03 reissue) (on HOLD, Kai)
Benighted Leams Caliginous Romantic Myth/Supernal Music/1996 (Black metal from the UK)
Blade Of Spirit Shadow's Race/Steel Gallery/2006(Power metal from Greece)
Blind Stare Symphony Of Delusions/Scarecrow/2005(melodic death/power from Finland like Children Of Bodom)
Bloodshed Skullcrusher/Code666/2001 (black/death from Sweden)

Cage Hell Destroyer/Destroy All Recs/2007
Cellador Enter Deception/Metal Blade/2006(Power metal from USA)
Chevy The Taker/Lost Gems Recs/1980 (06 reissue, NWOBHM)
#Clientelle Destination Unknown/Banana Recs/1981 (boot reissue, NWOBHM) (on HOLD, Kai)
Clint Listing My Father, My Keeper/Autumm Winds Prods/2008 (dark ambient from USA)
Corporation 187 Subliminal Pain/Wicked World/2000
#Cradle Of Filth Lovecraft And Witchearts 2CD/Koch/2002 (on HOLD, Daisuke)
Crematory Revolution/Nuclear Blast-Irond/2004
Crematory Klagebilder/Massacre-Irond/2006
Crown, The Hell Is Here/Metal Blade/1999 (punchole at barcode)

Damn Yankees Don't Tread/Warner Bros./1992
Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child/Evilive/1999
Danzig 7:77 - I Luciferi/Spitfire/2002
Deadbird The Head And The Heart/Earache/2005(Sludge/doom from USA)
Dead World Collusion/Relapse/1992 (industrial death metal)
Death Beast The Wakening/Barbarian Wrath/2005 (black/thrash from USA)
Deep Purple Shades Of Deep Purple/EMI/1967 (original 1989 first cd pressing)
Deep Purple Slaves And Masters/RCA/1990
Deep Purple The Battle Rages On.../RCA/1993
Def Leppard High And Dry/Polygram/1981
Defleshed Ma Belle Scalpelle/Invasion/1994 (original pressing)
Demiricous One/Metal Blade/2005(thrash metal)
Descend Requiem of Flame/Metal Age/2002 (death metal from USA, punchole at barcode)
Destiny's End Transition/Metal Blade/2001 (punchole at barcode)
Die Blamed To Be Alive/Metal Age/1995 (very rare, Thrash metal from Russia)
Disengage Application For An Afterlife/Daredevil Recs/2005(Stoner from USA)

Em Sinfonia Intimate Portrait/Martyr Music/2001
Enforsaken The Forever Endeavor/Olympic/2004
#Entombed Clandestine/Earache/1992 (on HOLD, Daisuke)
Excruciating Terror Divided We Fall/Pessimiser/1997 (death/grind from USA, punchole at barcode)
Expulser Haeresis/Desse Jeito Recs/2006 (death/Thrash from Brazil)
Eyes of Ligeia A Fever Which Would…/Paragon Recs/2006(Blackened Doom metal from USA)

Feanor Invencible/Secret Port/2005(Heavy metal from Argentina)
Fear Factory Obsolete/Roadrunner/1998 (digipack w/ 5 bonus tracks)
Fear Factory Transgression/Calvin Recs/2005

Gloomy Grim Written in Blood/Holy Recs/2001 (symphonic black metal from Finland)
Great Coven Viaticum/I Hate Recs/2004 (epic doom metal)

#Harppia A Ferro E Fogo/Baratos Afins/1985 (traditional metal from Brazil) (on HOLD, Kai)
Helloween Pink Bubbles Go Ape/EMI/1991
Holy Dragons Obitel Vetrov/Metalism/1999 (power metal from Kazakhstan)
Holy Dragons Polunochniy grom/Metalism/2000
Holy Dragons Judgement Day/Metalism/2003
Holy Dragons Gotterdammerung/Metalism/2004
Holy Dragons Volki Odina/Metalism/2005
Holy Dragons Black Moon Rising/Metalism/2006
Hybrid The Will To Create/Secret Port/2007(Thrash/power from Greece)

#Icon Right Between The Eyes/Wounded Bird/1989(on HOLD, Daisuke)

Jet Get Born/Elektra/2003
Jet Shine On/Atlantic/2006

King's X Please Come Home Mr*./Metal Blade-FONO/2000
KISS Alive II/Casablanca/1977
#Kruiz Culture Shock A.L.S./CD-Maximum/1989 (on HOLD, Kai)

Last Rites HATE mcd/Akom-Cold Blood Recs/2006 (thrash/death from Italy)
#Lemming Project Hate And Despise/Noise/1992 (on HOLD, Daisuke)

Magnified Eye Transition/Daredevil/2006(Stoner/doom from Denmark)
Manipulated Slaves Burst The Blue Flame/World Chaos/2000(Japanese melodic death/thrash)
Maxmillion Maxmillion/Retribute Recs/2002(Sludge/doom from USA)
Megadeth Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?/Capitol/1986 (2004 remastered version)
Monster Magnet Dopes To Infinity/A&M/1995
Monster Magnet Powertrip/A&M/1998
Monster Magnet God Says No/A&M/2001
Moonspell Wolfheart/Century Media-FONO/1995 (2002 white artwork reissue)
Motley Crue Red White And Crue 2CD/Motley Recs/2005
Mourning Dawn Mourning Dawn/Total Rust/2007 (black/doom from France)
Murderdolls Beyond The Valley Of…/Roadrunner/2003

Naglfar Vittra/Wrong Again/1995 (front booklet looks color faded in right vertical side, disk has marks, no skipping)
No Return Machinery/Nuclear Blast/2002

Obituary Slowly We Rot/Roadrunner/1989 (1997 gold reissue)
Obliveon-Whimsical Uproar/Red Stream/1987(1997 first time on cd)
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears/Epic/1991

Pentagram(Tk) Popcular Disari/RAKS/1997 (live album from Turkish thrash/power legends)
Porrada! Long Live Grindcore/Tarkus Records/2000(compilation album from legendary Grind band from Brazil)
#Praying Mantis Time Tell No Lies/High Vaultage/1981 (97 reissue, NWOBHM classic) (on HOLD, Mikhail)
Planet Alliance Planet Alliance/Metal Heaven/2006 (heavy from Sweden)

Queensryche Tribe/Sanctuary/2003

Raging Storm Raging Storm/Metalfighters/2002 (rare epic trad metal from Greece)
Riot Through The Storm/Metal Blade/2002
Ritual Carnage The Birth Of Tragedy/Osmose/2002
#Ritual Carnage I, Infidel/Osmose/2005 (on HOLD, Daisuke)
Russell Allen Atomic Soul/Inside Out/2005 (Symphony X vocalist solo album)

#Salário Mínimo Beijo Fatal/Baratos Afins/1987 (heavy/speed metal from Brazil)(on HOLD, Kai)
Salla Delle Colonne Cronache/Autumn Wind Prods/2008 (ambient/noise from Italy)
Screaming Shadows In The Name Of God/My Graveyard Prods/2006(power metal from Italy)
Sepultura Roorback/SPV/2003
Sergey Mavrik Revelation/CD-Maximum/2006(Heavy from Russia, ex-Aria guitarrist)
Seven Witches Xiled To Infinity And One/Noise/2002
Seven Witches Passage To The Other Side/Noise/2003
Shadow King Shadow King/Atlantic/1991 (hard rock with ex Foreigner singer and Vivian Campbell on guitars)
Shadows Fall Of One Blood/Century Media/2000
Shadows Fall The Art Of Balance/Century Media 2002
#Shy Once Bitten…Twice Shy/Neat/1983 (1997 reissue, NWOBHM-hard rock)(on HOLD, Kai)
Silva Nigra Epocha/Ravenheart/2007 (raw black metal from Czech Republic)
Soulfly Prophecy/Roadrunner/2004
Steel Prophet Beware/Massacre/2004 (with bonus DVD)
Steelheart Steelheart/MCA/1990
Steelheart Tangled In Reins/MCA/1992 (booklet has some wrinkles)
Stressball Stressball/Pavement/1994 (Sludge from USA)
Strikelight Strikelight/Eat Metal Recs/2005 (NWOBHM-tinged metal from Greece)
Susperia Predominance/Nuclear Blast/2001

Tales Of Dark Fragile Monuments/Solitude Prods/2006 (Doom from Serbia)
Tearstained There Is No Hope/Barbarian Wrath/2001
The Darkness Permission To Land/Atlantic/2003
The Darkness One Way Ticket To Hell/Atlantic/2005
The Sign Signs Of Life/Frontiers/2000(AOR from USA)
Tierra Santa Tierras De Leyenda/Locomotive/2000
Tierra Santa Sangre De Reyes/Locomotive/2001
Tierra Santa Indomable/Locomotive/2003
Tierra Santa Apocalipsis/Locomotive/2004
Tony O'Hora Escape Into The Sun/Frontiers/2006 (melodic metal from England)
Torture Storm Alert/Escapi Music/1989(06 reissue, holrpunch at barcode)
Trimonium Son Of A Blizzard/Einheit Produktionen/2007 (melodic black metal from Germany)

Until Death Overtakes Me Prelude to Monolith/Firebox/2003 (funeral doom from Belgium)

Vediog Svaor In The Distance/Paragon Recs/2001 (psychedelic black metal from France)
Velvet Revolver Contraband/RCA/2004
Vespers Descent Reality Dysfunction mcd/Prime Cuts/2008 (melodic death from Australia like old In Flames/Dark Tranquillity)
Vexed Nightmare Holocaust/Witches Brew/2003 (#0694/1000)
#Voltz Knights Fall/Airship Recs/1982 (boot reissue, NWOBHM)(on HOLD, Kai)

Wolfsbane Wolfsbane/Castle/1994 (last Blaze album before joining Maiden)

Yes Relayer/Atlantic/1974

# denotes on HOLD