Vexed - Destruction Warfare


Bill Ward's Red Pants
Oct 21, 2003
The Southland
Vexed-Destruction Warfare
Witches Brew-BREW010-2004
By Josh Phillips


Thrash metallers Vexed hail from Italy and present us with 40 minutes of old school thrash. Destruction Warfare is the band’s third full-length album and second for label Witches Brew and it features various bonuses including CD-ROM information containing a biography, discography, photos, video and a cover of Destruction’s “Total Desaster.” Prepare to go back in time for thrash, 80s style.

The album kicks off with “Nuclear Babylon” and I’m immediately reminded of a young, energetic Show No Mercy era Slayer. A high-pitched scream kicks things off and sets the mood perfectly for an album of this kind, backed by thrashy riffs. If you want some speedy old school metal, you’ve certainly come to the right place. The vocalist, Mik, is a good fit for the music, reminding me a lot of Tom Araya with an aggressive clean voice that morphs into high pitched yells as the situation dictates. “Warblast” begins in a similar manner and highlights the drumming, keeping rhythm and speed with the thrashing guitars. “Requiem Aeternum” flies out of the gates with a mighty lead before settling back into Vexed’s normal formula: Squealing guitars weaving in and out of chunky riffs, a constant vocal barrage shouting out your typical thrash lyrics and drumming to keep pace. “Black Terror” is a highlight, increasing the intensity further and building up into the next great track. Some very melodic playing opens “Bladeblood”, the drums join in with a dancing war rhythm and the song weaves in and out of a mid-pace throughout the piece. Cram a nice solo in the middle and you’ve got one of the album’s better songs. Track 8 is the Destruction cover. The tenth song is the title track and the record’s longest piece clocking in at over 6 minutes. It’s mid-paced for the most part, with a lot of effects on the vocals during the first section of the song. Though longer, it’s not unlike the other tracks on the release. “Dogmatic Blame” closes the show and is for the most part ambient with chanting, echoing vocals.

Overall, Vexed doesn’t present anything new or really amazing, but I don’t think that was their goal. They came forth to put out a solid block of old school metal, and that is what they accomplished. Could use some slight variation, but it’s a good and enjoyable slab of thrash metal that you shouldn’t hesitate to look into if you’re a fan of the genre or want to get acquainted with what it’s all about.


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