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Feb 9, 2006
great southern wasteland
You gotta love a band this ambitious, but this is either going to change the world or totally suck (Pink Floyd's The Wall anyone?)

"The music world is rife with bold claims that deliver little. Virgin Black is a band that has historically not only avoided that pitfall, but soared above it. The scope of its latest offering is ambitious almost to the point of absurdity. In a groundbreaking endeavour, Australia’s premier experimentalists will release three albums simultaneously. Each is a separate entity, but each is also linked through recurring musical themes and artistic motifs. When fully unfurled in all its grandeur, listeners will experience a grandiloquent two and a half hour requiem mass with three stages of evolution.

Requiem – pianissimo is an entirely classical album with instrumentation performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and featuring spectacular choral arrangements along with tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano solo voices. Requiem – pianissimo forsakes guitars and drums in favour of the melancholic tragedy and bombastic dynamics of classical composition.

Requiem – mezzo forte is where the band joins the orchestra and strikes a balance more reminiscent of previous Virgin Black outings, albeit with greater epic breadth.

The final album, Requiem – fortissimo, unleashes a sound infinitely heavier than anything in Virgin Black’s history. While still retaining an air of classical sensibility, it concludes the series with an intense dose of death/doom."
its going to totally suck because virgin black suck and even if it didnt suck i fail to see how it could possibly change the world...its not like its that huge an idea
I like Requiem – fortissimo, and its the only VB I have bothered to purchase as it is their heaviest. I may look at the other two in the series, but i doubt it, most likely get something before these were released.

Still, I think they are a good band, but are over rated by many.
Pretty gay band. But only because they're Aussie. If they were Finnish or something, I could forgive them. Maybe even enjoy them.

But instead, I'll be content in my absurd ignorance.
Virgin Black will proudly utilise the talents of Mark Kelson (The Eternal) as session guitarist alongside Samantha Escarbe on the upcoming tour with Arcturus.

After an almost three year absence, Virgin Black will begin an international touring schedule at home in Australia as guests on the highly anticipated and exclusive Arcturus tour in late March.
The dates will coincide with the release of Requiem - mezzo forte, the centre piece of the band's 3-album requiem mass.

The dates:
Tues. 27th March - H.Q. Adelaide, S.A.
Thur. 29th March - Club Phoenix, Brisbane, QLD
Sat. 31st March - The Evelyn, Melbourne, VIC