Vocals&suggestions for a song


Aug 21, 2008
So, I hope you can help me!

I need some suggestions for a song that we are doing with a band right now... I don't know which direction to go and the singer is very James Hetfield-esque... Come to think of it, the whole first half of this song is, since the band was a Metallica cover band for what 4 years. :puke:

And now I'm trying to "get rid of their Metallica roots" and get them more into the KSE area... At least with vocals... But the problem is that this singer is quite limited in terms of singing technique for cleans... And his "rough" vocals sound kind of... boyish. :)

Also I would like to know, whether an SM48 would be an OK mic for recording such vocals? Or should I stick to the SM57?

This is the clip and also any suggestions regarding the mix and sound would be welcome (i didn't have much to do with the arrangements so...).


(Oh, not to mention they wanna be loud) :loco:

Thanks for your help, lads