Void - Posthuman


Heat in 7
Apr 17, 2001
Southern California
Nocturnal Art/Candlelight - 2003

By Rodrigo Escandon


If you take the industrial/electronic elements of bands like Zyklon, Thorns, And Oceans and especially Red Harvest then you will begin to understand the type of music that Void offers with their debut album Posthuman. Having already remixed songs from both Zyklon and Red Harvest, this band is definitely not new and now they have their first full-length to further develop their style.

The band consists of two individuals, OCD and Ionman, and Posthuman is a cold, industrial, mechanical metal album that definitely takes the genre into a different direction. To be found in the music are machine-type sounds, techno beat drumming, and heavy distorted guitars that works in creating a very eerie and futuristic atmosphere. Vocally, there is a mix of the black metal style, a hushed talkative and computerized sounding. Some of the highlights in Posthuman are "Cypher" (though I do wish that the last guitar melody line, that is barely heard in the background at the end, would have been used more in the song because it could definitely have made it even better), "Bombshell", "Neutron Flux" and "Zero Signal Pattern".

By now one should be aware of what they will hear in Posthuman so it is up to oneself to make the decision if this is the sort of metal they want to hear. I admit it is not for everyone and I can only take so much of it so buy at your own risk.

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