Warrior - The Code of Life


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Warrior - The Code of Life
Nuclear Blast - 2001
By Rodrigo


I really was not that interested in this album until I found out that the awesome Rob Rock would be singing vocals on The Code of Life. So upon hearing this news, I knew that I had to get this album. Rob Rock is simply one of the greatest singers in metal and it is my responsibility to make sure other people understand this. Musically, Warrior can be described as a power metal band but I really think they are just a traditional heavy metal band. But who really cares about labels when the music is so good.

The Code of Life mostly stays in a mid-tempo range. There is nothing overly speedy but what Warrior may lack in speed they sure make it up with excellent crunchy riffing and sweet leads. Guitarists Joe Floyd and Mick Perez do a great job in the album filling the songs with infectious melodies and great solos. The highlight of The Code of Life is the song "We Are One". This song really showcases my description of the playing of Joe and Mick. I really enjoy the solo that is found right after the 2nd chorus and the riffing that is found right after Rob finishes singing the chorus. The anthem-like singing and catchy characteristics of the chorus makes this song even better. Finally, this song is credited to be written by Warrior but also by Bruce Dickinson and this song truly shows Bruce’s influence because it really reminds me of songs found in his last 2 solo albums. Speaking of Bruce’s solo albums, Roy Z is also given a songwriting credit in the song "Day of Reckoning". This song also shows similar characteristics to the Bruce solo albums: crunchy driving guitars and powerful vocals. Two songs that I really enjoy are the ballad-type tunes "Open Your Eyes" and "The Endless Beginning". Both songs feature some powerful and emotional vocals and both choruses are extremely catchy. I had no problems remembering the lyrics to these songs and I would love to get the opportunity to sing along with Rob at a show. Another thing I love about "The Endless Beginning" is the use of female backing vocals because it adds to the emotional feeling of the song.

Warrior also shows a heavier sound in a couple of songs, "Standing" and "Retribution" Of these two songs I prefer "Standing" better because it features more variety. It starts off with just the bass (Simon Oliver) and drums’ (Dave DuCey) being played while Rob is singing the verse. But the guitars soon come in and the first time I heard this I was totally surprised to hear how heavy they are but I am definitely not complaining about this.

The Code of Life is a very enjoyable album. There are some songs that really do not strike a chord with me but I really don’t mind that much because Rob’s singing gives them more life. I must say that this album might not have worked with somebody else singing, Rob really carries this album and that shows how great he really is. If you want to hear excellent singing and music then The Code of Life is just for you.