What are your opinions on Shadow Work?


Jun 12, 2017
So today we were finally blessed with Warrel's final release. I honestly didn't expect something so heavy. It's one of the heaviest things he's ever done and for me this is his best album since TGE probably. It holds a very dark theme and the lyrics are super dark too. This is definetely a proper way to say goodbye. Kudos to his brazilian bandmates who made this album come true. My favourite tracks are:
1. Rain
2. Madame Satan
3. Mother Is the Word for God

god i'm gonna play the shit out of this album
I've only heard the two songs and will have to wait until my cd arrives in the mail to hear the rest, but I'll just say that I love it because I know I will.
Listened through once so far and it's fantastic. The band really stands out, very talented guys. I only listened through Spotify in the car at this point. I need lyrics before I can say much more, but it's definitely something that will occupy a lot of listening time in the near future.

My first general description would be sort of a cross between TGE and PTTWM.
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I think the album is excellent. Glad they took the time to put this together and let us hear it. I think they should release the rest of the songs as instrumentals because the music is killer. Obviously has that Nevermore/Loomis vibe and while some might not like the copy-cat type style, I enjoy it because it's done really, really well. How fucking hard is that to pull off and not make it sound sub-par. This band is very good. There's little things I picked up on with Warrel's performance, but I'll keep them to myself. Not that it's bad, I'm just still processing it all. I have some questions about the lyrics as with all his albums. No-one wrote like Warrel and I'm going to miss his twisted take on things. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear his last work and it only makes me feel selfish as to what else he had in store for us with Sanctuary and beyond. Gone way too soon. I'm playing the hell out of this and if any of the band members are reading this, thanks. I loved Praises To The War Machine, but I am way more into this heavier style and it's a perfect album to go out on as far as I'm concerned. Release the rest of the songs as instrumentals please.
It is so exciting to hear this music but so bittersweet - I'm guessing all of us will experience a lot of emotion when we listen to it. Those guys in his band deserve a lot of praise for getting this done as one last swan song and I agree that all the rest of the music they wrote for it needs to come out in some form. No reason that extra work should be forgotten, I'm curious to hear how it all sounded - maybe they could put something out with guest vocalists covering what would have been WD's vocal parts.
...don’t like it seems like it’s on a loop. Yes I do have the tracks. It’s not enjoyable to me there is no expimentation or edge that he always had recorded.


Seems also like there is an imposter doing the vocals ...listen for example to the song - as fast as the others (he has lost his USA accent ) but it’s wonderfully recorded I say. Listening on the headphones is pure bliss.

Haven't listened to any of it yet, besides clips on youtube and what was on the docu, still sitting on my desk in the wrapper. When I hit the road in a few weeks I'll pop it in.
Spent the whole weekend with it - very emotional....I think "As Fast As the Others" is the best complete song and could easily be a radio hit, great lyrical message too. "Rain" is probably my favorite as it is a bit different than the rest and the haunting melody captures the sad feel of the cd. Century Media did a good job with the packaging and presentation - lots of custom artwork by Travis Smith along with a few neat pics and small stories from the band members talking about how WD affected their lives, very touching.
Been listening to the album for over a week now. If think it's a mix between a Nevermore and a WD album. Some songs definitely have a Nevermore vibe to them, while AFATO and Rain are more like PTTWM.

My favorite track is probably MITWFG, which sounds very TGE. The cover is also excellent. The whole album is excellent. To bad, we won't have a tour accompanying it.

Can't believe it's been almost one year.
Damn, that The Cure cover is so good! The more I listen to it, the more I like it. It's like Warrel was born to convert old gothic songs into metal masterpieces. I would have loved a full album of covers of Bauhaus, The Cure, SoM and others...
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I love it. And since the album was about to be 80 minutes long, now i am just dying of curiosity. Mind you, i am sure this is not the last time we read lyrics from him....