What do you guys think of DAMAGEPLAN?

The whole thing is just annoying. Phil's a wasted crackhead little girl
bitching about Dime and Vinnie. On the other side, Dime and Vinnie
are a bunch of redneck Strawberry Shortcakes bitching about Phil.
Ring the Bell....ding...ding...catfight. It's tired. Who cares. Fuck 'em both
already. SJR's good. I loved "Personal Insult" off "Lethal Dose of American
Hatred". Everyone's hyped over DamagePlan cause it's Dime and Vinnie,
so everyone's blowing their loads right now but when the record comes out,
it won't be anything spectacular,substandard to Pantera, and everybody will
see that blowing their loads was a premature ejaculation. I give them 2 records tops. Patrick is great. Dime and Vinnie are pretty cool, but
Damageplan is warm beer. Good, but not awesome.
They should all just shut the fuck up and get Pantera back together and stop
pretending to be Motley Crue. Motley's been the same 'he said, she said' crap
as well. Until then, Phil's in the ghetto smoking crack on the glass dick and
Dime&Vinnie are in Texas playing with Dolls.
Me too, I think they are going to be very successful. They are promoting the shit out of it. From what I've heard, and the video I saw, I actually like it. I guess I'm just not that into SJR , and I think the last Pantera record was pretty weak, so I'm willing to give the creators of Pantera's music a chance to prove themeselves.

I'll make my final yea/nea on the DamagePlan record when it comes out on Feb 10th ... but I'm actually looking forward to hearing some new music and give it a good listen.
i think phil would beat the shit out of both vinnie and dimebag in a real fight, but as far as insults go, dime and vinnie have the edge. as far as music goes, i would say superjoint is better, but i havent heard enough damage plan to make an accurate judgement. one thing is for sure, neiher band is up to panteras standards.
i missed the episode of headbangers ball with damage plan hosting (actaully i havent seen any of the HBB) but i did read a few updates on blabbermouth where dime or vinnie were bashing phil saying something along the lines of hes a junkie who couldnt keep his eyes open or speak coherently. sorry i cant remember exact words but it was something like that, nothing positive thats for sure.
Feh. Uninspired half-thrash. At least Vulgar has some decent groove.

It's a shame...Cowboys was such a great album. Killer vox (before the meth & heroin took their toll) and real thrash riffs, not that core-influenced stompy crap. "Domination" & "The Art of Shredding" own all. Plus there's "The Sleep" and "Cemetery Gates"...man, Phil used to be able to SING. Stupid hick druggie.
Pyrus said:
Feh. Uninspired half-thrash. At least Vulgar has some decent groove.
Uninspired? Says You! Far Beyond is metal heavy! Riff Heavy! It's the
better version of Vulgar. Vulgar=too much grove.
Hearing Walk and New Level and Fucking Hostile and Rise 100 times gets
boring and waaaayyy dull.

Strength Beyond Strength, Becoming, Shedding Skin, Slaughtered,
Use My 3rd Arm, Throes of Rejection, I'm Broken...uber-heavy and kick ass.
Plus the best cover of Planet Caravan there's ever been.

This was a great tour too.
The songs i've heard sounded good to me.
I like the guitarstyle of dime , i think he will have some bad ass fucking riffs on this album too.
And the new singer sounded like phil to me, almost no difference.
I will surely check the whole album when it's out.

*** I live for this Shit ***