What do you think about My Dying Bride through of the years?


I'm really falling.
Nov 25, 2001
My Dying Bride are a unique band than with the time, keep the power and filosofy of the real death-doom metal band...
other band from UK, lost the direction of the doom metal , how Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Anathema...
for me My Dying Bride are the unique, gods of the doom.:heh:
Yes, MDB are the survivors, the only ones that were part of the early 90's doom/death scene who dared to stay true. And now the other bands look like fools compared to them... (I think Anathema still make good music though...but I'll never have the respect for them that I have for My Dying Bride)
MDB are as good or even better than ever, I hope the next album will come soon!
Yes indeed My Dying Bride is THE Doom metal band, they always have kept loyal to metal , with strong guitars and low drums and bass, they haven't lose their strenght throughtout the years and that's what make them the most extraordinary band in Doom Metal right now.

One of the thing that I like most of MDB is that when those slow parts begin to bother you (thing that never happen) they just like read your mind and start a speed part like only they know how to do , you can compare a speed part of MDB with a speed part of Slayer, Morbid Angel or Metallica, they are just unique

Grande My Dying Bride!!!!!!!!
When Ultimate Metal gonna get the official forums for them???
The fact that you have Anathema, Katatonia and Opeth from Peaceville should make it easier.

Well I hope My Dying Bride could como to Chile one day that will be awesome!!!!! :tickled:
Actually I do not really like MDB as I am missing something in their songs, do nnot know what, and I do not like Doom in general. However, it is true that they nevertheless are the Doom/Death Metal Gods, creating music only MDB can make and you will always recognize them in their songs!