Who are you, and your first Riot experience

Hey all longtime loyal riot fan new to the forums!
I remember my first exposure to riot I was living in phx az and browsing in a local music store. Just checking out cassette tapes (ha!) always on the hunt for new metal and I heard what I thought was new judas priest!? Singer sounded like halford but higher and the music! Oh man, the music was like I always wished priest was....faster harder more like exciter ,stained glass era modernized! I was like, who the fuck is this? I asked the counter dude and the rest is history.
Thundersteel is definitely my desert island cd and I never get tired of it's power ,melody and solos. The privilege of power is definitely up there and I dug all the the later stuff with mike as well especially inishmore and sons of society. I've been waiting all these years to see one of my fav all time singers return and show em how's it's done. If u haven't heard faith and fire I highly recommend!!!!!!!! Anyways can't wait cheers!:devil:
1981 GOT fire down vinyl
under as a uk import......in canberra ok

Worst lp was born in america that sucked,,,
I first got into RIOT around 1986 or 1987 and have followed the band ever since then. I borrowed my friend's Rock City album and was hooked. I remember tracking down Narita, Fire Down Under, the Live EP and Restless Breed shortly afterward. When I heard that Riot was coming out with a new album called Thundersteel I was psyched! That album blew me away with the new metallic style. When The Privilege of Power came out it was probably my favorite album of 1990. I tried to see them live on that tour but as I was not 21 yet I couldn't get into the club they were playing at in San Antonio. It would be 1999 before I got to see Riot live. When Nightbreaker was released I was a little shocked that Tony Moore was no longer in the band but enjoyed the album and Mike Dimeo's voice as well. I believe that the albums with Mike Dimeo were sadly overlooked as there are some real classic albums such as Innishmore, Sons of Society and Army of One. I saw Riot in 2004 and got to meet the band and they were all extremely friendly. That was an awesome night to remember! I hated to hear that Dimeo was leaving the band but was pleasantly surprised to hear that Tony Moore would return. I flew to San Antonio and caught the Reunion show in 2009 and finally witnessed the great Thundersteel and PoP lineup after almost 20 years of waiting. This was a dream come true as I truly love that era of the band and Moore does a great job on the Guy Speranza era material. The new album Immortal Soul is everything I had hoped it would be and has been in constant rotation since I got it. I'm hoping to see them on the upcoming tour and I hope they play some of the Rhett Forrester era songs as well.
Gonna show my true age here, but my first Riot show was back around the time just before the release of Fire Down Under with Guy on vocals at a place on Long Island ( I actually have the show on DVD converted from VHS)

I think I've seen a few such videos on Youtube, are those from your VHS?

I had the Fire Down Under album cover painted on the back of my Denim . One night hanging out at Lamour's i get a tap on the shoulder and a guy tells me nice jacket. I turn around and it Rhett. We hung out had a few beers talked metal all night, a night I will never forget. Been a diehard fan since the beginning have all the albums in one form or another

Haha, cool story! RIP Rhett
Hi, my name is Curt. My first Riot experience was when I picked up the Narita album at a record show in Chicago when I was 15 yrs old. Getting a new album was a big deal back then and I used to read every liner note, every bit of text on the cover, and I noticed a mailing address. I sent them a fan letter and within a week, Guy Speranza called me! We talked for about a half hour and then corresponded via phone for many months. The manager, Ezra Cook, called one day to give me a heads up about their new album, Fire Down Under, and much to my surprise, my name appeared on the back cover in the "Thank you" part. When Ezra realized I didn't have the first album, he took it upon himself to mail me the Rock City album. Pretty awesome for a teenage kid! I moved to Columbus, Ohio shortly after that and when they came to town backing up Grand Funk Railroad, they scored my brother, sister and I some free tiks. They came back to Columbus at the Agora Ballroom on the Restless Breed tour and got my underage ass into the show and backstage.
Can't wait to get Immortal Soul and can't wait for the NYC show.
I started listening to Riot in the early 80's( I cant remember exactly but Narita and Fire Down Under were played OFTEN in my first car) and I remember when Restless Breed was released and loved that album just as much. I started collecting vinyl about this time and got everything by the band until Rhett left and things slowed down. I was blown away by Thundersteel on its release and that became such a favorite that I got a vinyl copy of the next lp Privilage of Power shipped from England. Sadly I would have to buy the next 20 years of releases on disc(I am missing 2 or 3) but I did enjoy them and was never disappointed. Now to today, I recently got Immortal Soul(ON VINYL) and hearing the Thundersteel line-up sounding so good almost brings tears to my eyes. Thanks Mark and Riot for all the great music over the years and I am hoping to finally see Riot live sometime.
I am from Greece and first heard Riot in an old comp LP called "Metalmania" it was "Road Racing"
Hooked ever since and watched'em many times here
First time I heard Riot was "Fight or Fall" on some metal radio station. I looked them up, listened to all of Thundersteel, and loved it. I kept listening to more over the next couple of years, but never thought I'd get the chance to see them. I lucked out, though - as it turned out, they were playing a few small shows in early 2012, including one in Rochester, NY (where I happen to go to college as of August 2011). Mark Reale went back into the hospital before the show, but they still played, kept everyone hopeful about his situation, and played an amazing show. I was front and center, no more than five feet from Tony the entire time. It was one of the best shows I've seen - even without Mark, and even in such a small venue. It was devastating to hear the unfortunate news five days later.

Anyway, there's my story in a thread that hasn't seen any action in months.
Welcome..... I have been a fan since 1979 and attended the January b.b, kings show in NYC..... could not make the Rochester event....this new Riot news is exciting.... and as Riot fans WE should all stick together...2014 is going to be a great year for Riot....pray for more tour dates....and I know what you mean about Fight or Fall,blew me away first time hearing it...Riot fans united WE stand!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember the Thundersteel and Fire Down Under albums. This was my first time hearing about Riot.
Hey Riot fans !!
Really cool to find this thread.
I got turned on to RIOT in the early '80's by my older sister and her then boyfriend who was in the band Havoc from the bay area California. They had one album released titled "The Grip" on Auburn Records.
Anyway the album was
Great album. I didn't really hear more until much much later, the internet Era. I was pleasantly surprised to find i had missed so much music from the band and happily proceeded to dive in and get a taste. Wow !! Many flavors and definitely not disappointed. Still my favorite will always be "FIRE DOWN UNDER" because it takes me back to a special time. When I started messing with digital recording in the box at home one of the first things I did was a cover of "OUTLAW" which I will share with you all here. Warning: didn't have really any experience working with DAW's at this point and I've never been worth a shit as a vocalist. When I sing I end up with a half dozen female swine in my yard looking to mate
Anyway what else can I say ?
RIOT - great band in all its different forms.

WrisTLocK - Outlaw (Riot cover)



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