Who is their main writer in the band?


Dec 5, 2005
Gbg sweden
Who is their main writer in the band?
or do they write everything together while rehearsing?
does anyone know their way to work?

Awesome bass/drum rythms in current obsession, i would imagine
Marco Z or Cristiano Mozzati had written that.
But mainly i have gotten the impression that either Migliore or Biazze write the structure to the songs and scabbia adds the vocals and lyrics on them.
This is an old thread but...an answer for you!
It USED to be that Maki (Marco Z) wrote most of the music (back in the days of UM and Comalies, I believe), but since Karmacode, it's been very much a shared effort. Cristina and Andrea always wrote the lyrics (although, I suspect this was mainly Cristina, especially lately, because she speaks English more fluently than Andrea).
Marco and Migliore both split the writting on In A Reverie. As far as I remember 90% of Unleashed Memories is written by Marco. Not sure about anything else.