Woo Hoo - I am first Poster here!

ah man! I am a junior member again! Whats worse, I have to start my post count from 0 again!

..actually...woo hoo! Maybe I can top Crossy now for most post count!

*spam* *spam* *spam*

Testing 1 ....2 ....3

Need to go find my sig again...

Somebody needs to check the time on the Server! I have my profile set for GMT -5 (a farking brilliant idea) but for some reason, the clock on the BB is showing an hour off. Anybody else notice the problem?

Is anybody else even here? Helloooooooo!!:rolleyes: :)
Hey EC!

Yea, this board is faster for me too! When you say alien icon, you mean your little diablo 2 guy in your sig on the old board? You should be able to use him here too..either in a .sig or just copy the image to your local hard drive and than add it as an avatar (if its small enough). I just cut and pasted my old sig from the other board...worked like a champ.

You and MaidenMan are also on my Buddy list! Very cool, I can see when you are logged in and online! :)
Rab's..... I can see your trying to get the highest post count!!!!

Why not just post each word of each sentence as a new reply??? :) :) :)

Nice BB! Now I've got another one to figure out...

Damn! I should have posted the first post when I got here! :( ;)
Only thing I miss from the old forum is that my post count was getting very near to 666...