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You like your Finnish death metal furious, technical & to the point, then check out SOTAJUMALA! Latest news from the band tell about some live activity that is seeable worldwide.
We've just uploaded a bunch of live videos on Youtube and there's more where these came from! (Thanks to Hippi, Pyry and Paldanius Paldanius for their help with these videos.)

* Sotajumala – Kuolinjulistus (live at Tuska 2008)
* Sotajumala – Rakkaudesta sotaan (live at Tuska 2008)
* Sotajumala – Paratiisin kutsu (live at Tuska 2008)
* Sotajumala – Arkku vailla vainajaa (live at Nosturi 2008)
* Sotajumala – Oikeutus (drumcam at Nosturi 2008)
* Sotajumala – Rakkaudesta sotaan (drumcam at Nosturi 2008)
* Sotajumala – Panssarikolonna (drumcam Nosturi 2008)
* Sotajumala – Arkku vailla vainajaa (drumcam Nosturi 2008)
* Sotajumala – Riistetty viattomuus (live at Nosturi 2007)
* Sotajumala – Verellä kirjoitettu (live at Nosturi 2007)

Check them at http://www.youtube.com/user/SotajumalaDMF
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"Oikeutus", the new video from the Finnish death metal band SOTAJUMALA, can be viewed below. The clip was shot in April 2008 in Vaasa, Finland. The song comes off the group's second album, "Teloitus" (Finnish for "execution"), which entered the Finnish chart last October at position No. 17.

"Teloitus" was recorded in Vaasa with producer Hannu Koivisto. The track listing for the effort is as follows:
01. Tappaja ja tapettu [The slayer and the slain]
02. Arkku vailla vainajaa [A corpseless coffin]
03. Kuolinjulistus [Declaration of death]
04. Riistetty viattouus [Ravaged innocence]
05. Verellä kirjoitettu [Written in blood]
06. Oikeutus [Justification]
07. Kidutus [Torture]
08. Teloitus [Execution]



SOTAJUMALA's full-length debut, "Death Metal Finland", was released in 2004 via Woodcut Records and reissued with bonus disc in 2008.


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Sotajumala gigs on this weekend.

Huomenna lähdetään jälleen reissuun ja möhlitään melko pitkällä setillä. Keikoilla myös paitamyyntiä (on rompetta jos jonkinlaista).
Tulkaahan morjestamaan!

27.11.2008 Tampere, Hellä
28.11.2008 Kotka, Back Room
29.11.2008 Kuopio, Henry’s Pub + Cerebro

If you wake up and find yourself in Finland, come and say hi. Dates, cities and venues above.
Sotajumala news:

Countless hours at the rehearsal room, that's for sure. Even though we didn't make it abroad this year, we feel it's time to start writing a new record. We're trying our hardest not to play any shows next year and focus fully on writing new material, but we all know how well that's going to work, roit? Back in 2006 when we started writing Teloitus we played three shows in a few months. Who knows, we might even do some shows abroad now that we're taking a break from playing live, hah!

We have some killer riffs already, but it's way too early to say anything more. Except for the fact that the new album won't be out until 2010, that's for sure. As always, we'll spend as much time as we need to put together an album that we all fully believe in. We are not one of those bands that write eight songs in two weeks and put out albums like it's nothing.

We're very excited to start writing new songs and we'll keep you posted!
Sotajumala sort of news:

Seeing we’re not supposed to play any shows, how about a competition then?

We're going to spend this year mostly at our rehearsal room writing the next album and as posted earlier, we're trying not to play any shows before the album is done. Knowing us, this usually doesn't work, so we thought we'd turn this into a competition.

How many shows will be playing this year, when we really shouldn't be playing any shows at all? Go to our website and answer there. Winners will be getting all sorts of Sotajumala goodies.

Sotajumala and Woodcut Records part ways
Time has come for us to part ways with Woodcut Records, our label since 2002. We’ve achieved a lot together during these years and Woodcut has released both of our albums as well as three smaller releases. There’s no big drama behind this split, we’ve simply fulfilled our obligations and chose to continue with another label (whose name shall remain a secret for a while longer).

We would like to thank Mikki from Woodcut for these years and for believing in Sotajumala so early on in our career. Without his support things would be different for us today.