World Beneath World


New Metal Member
Sep 19, 2011
World Beneath World have released their new album "Nein" in the UK and EU via DSN Music. World Beneath World features long-time rockers John Bone on vocals, Razz Callahan on guitar, Ricky Lee on bass and Ken Poland drums.

The nine track release "Nein" was produced and engineered by rock industry veteran Sterling Winfield, who oversaw projects for acts such as Pantera, Mudvayne, Damageplan, Hellyeah and BB King.

The single "The New American Way" made it's European radio debut on Planet Rock, a UK-based National Digital Radio Station that plays rock music spanning from 1965 to the present day.

Twenty-plus years of playing music together have forged a bond stronger than steel between the members of World Beneath World. In that time they've shared the stage with everyone from Danzig, Manowar, and Foghat, to metal legends Exhorder, Rigor Mortis, and the new kings of doom, Haarp. Vocalist John Bone even did a stint as lead throat with Damageplan in the early days of their development.

World Beneath World has a European tour in the works for 2012, kicking things off in the United Kingdom.

"Nein" is available in the UK for download via online and mobile stores such as, mFlow, and 7Digital.