Yo! Laser's Edge...can you get this?

Dark Empire - From Refuge to Ruin

I can't find an actual release date but their Facebook update yesterday says the CDs have been replicated and sent to Nightmare for distribution. Hopefully you've arranged for some copies! :D

Really sad to see Jens Calrsson go but the new guy sounds pretty good too. Speaking of him, I believe the new Persuader is set to drop this year...
How about the recent remasters of the mid 1970's British hard rock band Lone Star?
Lone Star - s/t 2011 remaster
Lone Star - Firing On All six, 2011 remaster
Well, technically it's all unreleased. Instead of releasing just a greatest hits of the songs from the previous albums, they remixed most and re-recorded some of the songs. The digi version has a third disc which contains a 're-worked' version of the Lucifer’s Heritage demos plus other demos. This is why I want this version. Even though most BG fans have these from some bootlegs, having an official good recorded version is awesome.

I don't want to take up too much room on here so I won't post the track list but here is a link with more info.

This is the new band with Martin Lopez, ex-drummer for Opeth. I think it's slated for a 2/15 release on Spinefarm. Any plans to stock this?
Also, how about the new Southern Cross (I've not seen a release date posted anywhere though).
Lastly, a new band called The Safety Fire on InsideOut. Their album called "Grind the Ocean" drops on 2/28 I believe.

So, how 'bout it?