ZYKLON Call It Quits

Or listen to Subversive Faith...It's badass.

Not like they were active anyway right? Last album 2006. And when did they play live last?

I just noticed on World Ov Worms, every song has a very metal title.


LOL...IDN why I find that amusing.
The art of throwing bananas at people in order to steal their food and/or money. Usually a last case scenario when trying sell bananas and/or exchange a banana for other food product. If you have had a banana thrown at you while your food was being taken, then you were banana slammed. A technique most often used when trying to trade a banana for a burrito.
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Vendor: "ouch, I was just banana slammed!"
I actually think IntoPhagist is a really cool poster now when compared to you
What's so bad about me? That my taste often differs from the "Main" Posters here? Or I don't have the most obscure/underground taste? what is it. I've liked Metal for almost 10 years now and It's my biggest passion in life like most of you, that's why I'm here.

Zyklon = \m/
i like all their albums. they take a long-ass break then just call it quits? sadface.