Zyklon - Disintegrate

Zyklon - Disintegrate
Candelight Records USA – CDL160– 16/05/06
By Sam Brokenshaw


When Zyklon released Aeon, back in 2003, many wondered what happened to the pace. The debut from the high-pedigree Norwegians was a rather blistering affair, never really giving any respite between million mile an hour riffs and the kind of drumming that made the name of one Trym Torson. For all intensive purposes, Aeon lacked the sharpness and attack that World Ov Worms had in spades. Three years on and with news of a brief Emperor reformation still fresh in our minds, Zyklon deliver Disintegrate. You'll be glad to hear the pace is back, or at least evident to some extent in most of the cuts comprising this album. The album fairly sprints along with the kind of malevolence usually reserved for third world dictators armed with Rambo guns*, which should, all in all, be pretty much pleasing to anyone who enjoyed the first effort at all.

Songs like the title track and A Cold Grave are symptomatic of the kick start that seems to have been delivered in the Zyklon engine room, the album benefiting from a real sense of apocalyptic urgency. As per usual Bard Faust's lyrics are cold and distopian, although I'm not entirely sure what they actually say, being devoid of a lyric sheet. Overall, fans of speedy but not needlessly fast death metal should enjoy this one. Zyklon have upped the ante somewhat whilst not losing site of maintaining the apocalyptic feeling that listeners probably expect of them.


*If you don't know, go rent Lord of War, now!

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