Zyklon - World ov Worms


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Jan 21, 2002
Denver, USA
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Zyklon - World ov Worms

Much is to be expected when members of Limbonic Art, Emperor and Myrkskog convene for a project. The group's freshmen release, World ov Worms, exceeds those towering expectations and truly deserves its place among the top black/death metal albums of past years.

The songwriting is simply brilliant. Faust's visions and ideas pour out into lyrical form almost as a meditative manuscript, exploding eloquently and almost in spectral fashion. Truly a satisfying contrast from the plethora of metal bands whose tracks seem to consist of nothing but a three of four word "chorus," being annoyingly growled over and over again.

Daemon's vocals are convincingly vehement. Scorching through all 8 tracks, his voice never wavers as it transcends from a growl to a shriek smoothly and without hesitation.

The guitar and drum work compliment Daemon's lyrical work perfectly, and is unrelenting... pounding viciously throughout the entire album. Trym's percussion performance is second to none.

All aspects of Zyklon's work are remarkable, however World ov Worms truly sets its self apart in its multifaceted song production. Whereas some death/black metal occasionally tends to get repetitious in its thrash behavior, Zyklon breaks up their tracks nicely, throwing in some melodic riffs, tough industrial beats, and even the occasional female voiceover.

Truly an impressive work. In this worm-filled world, Zyklon pleases not only one's ears with their punishing opus, but inspires their soul and mind as well.

sounds far to much like Emperor. If Samoth tried a different guitar approch it would make the album a lot better.
Dont get me worng it is a good album, but i feel that it could be better and more non emperor sounding.
things might change with the next album.