Saxon Reissues - spine art

Saxon Reissues - spine art

Awesome spine picture once CDs are on shelf in chronological order.
@Wyvern My obsessive compulsive collecting side is not happy 3 of those are the French EMI release. The label logos do not match the others damn it! :yuk::mad::rofl:
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I thought I was the only one with OCD... :rofl:

I ordered the same boxset from an Amazon seller, who has taken over a week to fulfill the order...all in the name of beauty. I want those, they will look nice along the Judas Priest and Tarot reissues, plus the bonus tracks (some of which I already have, but what the heck) worth the effort too.

Wonder what to do with the old CDs now...
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I don't think I'm gonna sell my old Saxon ones, to me a lot of sweat. tears, money and patience to get them. But I don't have space to have them just for the sake of remembrance, I maybe give them to a friend who like the band too and don't have them.

Once I have them in my hands I make a decision.

Laser's Edge have the remasters of Tarot at a acceptable price.

P.S. You know? I think the boxset I bought is not the same as yours, since mine has "The Eagle Has Landed" (10 CDs).

Damn, went to check into Amazon. Should have read the comments there, is not the same :(

Well, it may be a gift or I resell it. Pity.
My collection doesn't look so good as I am missing a few albums, I am on occasion tempted to purchase to fill in the blanks, which are probably unsurprisngly to the left. But I'm not sure how much listening I will get out of them, so is it really worth it?
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If you like the band, and it looks bad ass on the shelf and you enjoy collecting - of course it's worth it! Haha!

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