1. usanow

    Album Review: Saxon - Hell, Fire and Damnation

    Exploring Saxon’s Epic: ‘Hell, Fire & Damnation’ Album Review Read more @
  2. Bloopy

    GMD Poll: Top Metal(lic) Albums of the 1970s

    RULES: - Post up to 20 releases (10 minimum) and number your list. Your 1st pick gets 20 points, 2nd gets 19 etc. etc., 20th gets 1 point. Feel free to list more albums, but they won't count as picks. - Metal(lic) releases only. Meaning actual metal, plus anything you thought was too metallic...
  3. KingsGene

    SAXON: Thunderbolt

    SAXON PREMIER "THUNDERBOLT" MUSIC VIDEO "....Following the critically acclaimed release of Battering Ram in 2015, the heavy metal giants are set to release their latest studio album, Thunderbolt, on February 2nd via the Militia Guard label (Silver Lining Music). Watch a video for "Thunderbolt"...
  4. F

    Sonic Prophecy New Video “Night Terror”; New Album “Savage Gods” via Rockshots Records Out Jan 19th,

    For Fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, HammerFall, Manowar, Saxon Sonic Prophecy New Video “Night Terror”; New Album “Savage Gods” via Rockshots Records Out Jan 19th, 2018
  5. amplifire

    Amplifire - Old School Heavy Metal from Karlsruhe/Germany

    Founded in 2000 and rooted deeply in 1980s classical Heavy Metal, Amplifire from Germany just released their fourth Album titled 'Demolition Party'. The title of the Album says it all: pure, powerful Heavy Metal with all the clichés and trademarks we Metalheads love so much. The best part is...
  6. Saxon Reissues - spine art

    Saxon Reissues - spine art

    Awesome spine picture once CDs are on shelf in chronological order.
  7. Pre Christmas CD Haul 3

    Pre Christmas CD Haul 3

    Ok I cheated on this one, also has a Nightwish Bluray and Perturbator cassette.
  8. MetalAges

    Any "new" Old School releases worth checking out?

    You all picked up any good new release from some Classic/Oldie Metal groups of late? Looking to check some out. I picked up the Saxon and Praying Mantis discs which are both very solid. Saxon, they do what they do - so if you like them it's worth the purchase. Praying Mantis was a complete...
  9. Saxon - Battering Ram (Deluxe Box)

    Saxon - Battering Ram (Deluxe Box)

    Killer new Saxon deluxe box!
  10. Saxon - Battering Ram (Deluxe)

    Saxon - Battering Ram (Deluxe)