alternative metal

  1. W

    Brink of Collapse - Subside

    Hi we’re a new band inspired by grunge/rock/metal. We’ve released our debut EP and our first lyric video. We would be delighted if you’d like to click on the link, have a look at our lyric video and perhaps share if you like :-). Happy listening!
  2. E

    Varoshan - ...And Then The Rains Came - Debut album by progressive doom/sludge metal band

    Varoshan is a fresh metal band with Finnish and British members. The music combines many styles ranging from progressive post-metal to sludge-influenced hardcore metal. Fans of Neurosis, My Dying Bride, Converge and Iommi will find familiar features in the music. The album will be released...
  3. energy vortexes

    Rest In Dust (Alternative Nu Metal)

    The band officially appeared on the web in September 2019 with their first song with a music video entitled 'Life's a bitch': Currently, the band has released eight songs with professionally made official videos. Biography from YouTube: "Rest In Dust is an alternative nu metal band from...
  4. energy vortexes

    Interview with vocalist Mary Von Chh of Rest In Dust

    Interview at:
  5. Sophii

    Terasophe - Slow Burn

    New Terasophe single tune. Something a bit different and more streamlined than my experimental fuckery that was Terra Vitae/Terra Mori. Along the lines of Alternative Metal with Doom/Sludge Metal and Psychedelic Rock phrasings.
  6. Deathcore_mind

    I need help,i am new at covering songs at youtube

    Can you please watch,like,subscribe and share,to help me a bit Thank you in advance :D
  7. metaltrenches

    Poppy - I Disagree (Video Review)

  8. V

    Vataka (Alternative Metal, Groove Metal)

    THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT The time for retribution is at hand! Behold the debut single from Alternative Metal act Vataka, Retribution (Hell's March)! Featuring the mighty Paul Elliott (ex/A Killer's Confession) on vocals! So join us, for tonight will be the fall...
  9. Once Upon

    Once Upon - Morningstar [EP]

    Hi Guys, This was realesed on Friday [26.05.2017]. I Hope You Like it, and feel free to comment Your thoughts about it.
  10. A

    HAZE - I AM THE WAY (Official Music Video)

    Hi, We are looking forward to the feedbacks, reviews, comments and opinions. HAZE band presents the debut work - clip on the key track of the eponymous album I AM THE WAY!! The inspirer of the whole work is the great David Lynch, creator of the cult TV series of 90's Twin Peaks! Follow us...
  11. S

    Sensyt - Perception

    Hey guys. Norwegian dude here so excuse my grammar. After years of playing drums in bands varying from thrash metal to early pink floydish music, I have finally recorded my own EP called Perception under the name Sensyt, which will have it`s release early next week. All intrument recording and...
  12. Once Upon

    Once Upon - A Letter To My Agony

    Hey guys! We present our new song - "A letter to my Agony". This song is about all the things about ourselves that we hate and can't accept, but we should, because it is a part of what we are and what makes us truly special and makes us... well, us. Facebook ...
  13. Kassadin

    Hey, I'm new and looking for some metal recommendations!

    Hey guys, I've only recently started digging metal (and if this happens to be in the wrong section or something feel free to fix it.) I'm not sure if all these bands count as "metal metal" so to speak to everyone, but I really like nu metal/alternative metal bands like Flyleaf, Breaking...
  14. Altsphere

    Broken Down 'The Other Shore - Indus Rock / Indus Metal

    Industrial Rock / Metal UFO Broken Down's new album 'The Other Shore' will be released in February 2016 through Altsphere Production on CD, digital and limited handnumbered digipack. Discover a music sample and 5 records that may have influenced the one-man-band's music for this album. One...